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Should I go with 1.67 high-index aspheric lenses?

My eyeglass frame was broken last night so I went to Wal-Mart to get a new pair of prescription glasses. The salesgirl who selling the prescription glasses was pushing for the 1.67 lenses for $120. According to her description, the lenses will be very thick if I get the much cheaper standard plastic lenses. She said that since the frames I choose is with big lens width measurement.

Progressive lenses for fashionable and stylish small glasses frames

Progressive lenses are also called as PALs, which stands for Progressive Addition Lenses. There are various kinds of progressive lenses on the market. Nowadays, the “short corridor’ progressive lenses are very popular in most eyeglasses store, because more and more people who have a bifocal prescription would like to get a stylish frame with small height for fashion.

Prescription Glasses Online shopping reviews

If you are interested in low cost cheap prescription glasses, I wanted to let you know to visit: www.cheapglasses123.com. Great deals on prescription glasses of all kinds are available there. I had a very good experience with this company.

Gunmetal color eyeglass frames really are the men’s hot choice

Comparing with the women’s eyeglass frames, men are always concerned about their comfort apart from style and fashion when it comes to their eyeglasses. The durability and the fit of the glasses matter to them much more than that of women.

Features to be shown at Silmo Paris 2011 eyeglasses exhibition

In the field of eyeglasses industry, many exhibitions with large scared scale will be held to promote the commodity trade and international cooperation each year, such as the Beijing and Hongkong eyeglasses exhibitions.

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